Standing Up For Staff at Ocado Hatfield

Andrew Lewin, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Welwyn Hatfield, has today set out a four point plan to support local workers in Hatfield who risk losing their jobs with Ocado.

Andrew has published an open letter he’s sent to senior management at Ocado.

Speaking today, Andrew Lewin said:

“I will do all I can to stand up for local workers in Hatfield at such a difficult time. I have been listening to staff affected, working with their representatives, and have met with senior Ocado management.

“I am pushing four key points:

1. Jobs at the new Luton site should be offered to Hatfield staff first.
2. Anyone facing redundancy should have a fair payout and help to find a new job.
3. There must be financial help for staff facing higher commuting costs to Luton.
4. The Hatfield site must stay open as long as possible.

“I have today sent an open letter to Ocado to reinforce these points. I am keen to work together for the best possible outcome for the warehouse staff.

“I understand from information passed to me by workers, in confidence, that Ocado is offering only standard redundancy terms for longstanding employees who do not get a job in Luton. They deserve so much better.

“Our Conservative MP is missing in action. Grant Shapps has found time to go on a tour around the United States but has had little to say about what’s going on back here in his constituency. It’s been radio silence from him on the situation at Ocado in Hatfield since the day of the announcement.

“This is one of the biggest employment issues to hit Welwyn Hatfield in years. We need to do better to protect and support hard-working and loyal employees and that is what is a future Labour government will do.

“As the local Labour Parliamentary candidate, I want the maximum number of jobs to be protected and for every staff member to be supported and treated with the respect they deserve.”

Photo: Tomjhpage, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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